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Tips to Keep Your Cholesterol in Check

The term "Cholesterol" is dervied from the words chole which means (bile) and stereos (solid) followed by the chemical suffix -ol for an alcohol, is an organic molecule. It is referred to a waxy, fat like substance that founds in all the parts of the body. It is the basic need of every body part to work properly. Usually our body gets cholesterol from the food that we eat, but if too much cholesterol starts depositing in our blood arteries then it can even lead to major health issues also. If you still have want any information related to cholesterol than you can consult with the doctors of urgent care services Lyons

The facts that you should keep a check in order to maintain the cholesterol level of your blood involves the following:-

1. Try to Focus on the consumption of fats in order to avoid the food items that contains high in saturated fats Avoid foods high in saturated fats,  which increase unhealthy LDL levels.
2. Choose food items with whole grains in it.
3.Choose other healthy choice
4. Take a proper medication under the prescription of doctor.
5. If you are overweighted then reduce just 10 pounds and  it will low down your LDL  Level
6. Proper exercising should be done.
7. Try to eat fish two to four times in a weak.
8. Avoid eating Red meat.
9. Try to substitute olive oil in place of oil, ghee and butter reduces LDL cholesterol by as much as 15% which can be compare to slow medication.
10. Try to avoid tension and spend your time relaxing.
11. Try to consume nuts that are low in cholesterol.
12. The use of Spices like garlic, curcumin, ginger, black pepper, coriander, and cinnamon do more than flavor your food, they can also improve cholesterol.
13. Avoid smoking.
14. Join laughing clubs and try to laugh as much as you can.

Just go through all these steps one by one and try to follow these points and up-to a great extent it will help you. And if you still have any further confusion and queries related to Cholesterol than you can even concern at urgent care services Metuchen. We even have a team of skilled  doctors who have done their specializations in Cholesterol related issues. 
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